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Step 3) Earn your own Science of Inner Strength Honor, learn secrets of the universe and elevate your game.

Step 1) Apply for, and see if you are an appropriate match for the Magic 6 hour x $900/hour Assessment

A crucial element in work with Jon is to find your Magic Moment, your sweet spot, your true inner strength. Part of the genius offered to you, is that heretofore, many of us were not truly encouraged to find that true strength, that true goodness within us. For individuals, couples/families, businesses, and governmental entities, Jon will work with you to uncover and discover your true strength in ways that are indescribable. For a mere six hours of work, with the seventh hour temporarily free you will find a part of you to bring forward that will be life-changing.

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The Science can be applied to virtually any situation. Jon is also available for workshops, speaking and seminars. Get in touch, and become a leader. 

Jon Myers, The World's Best Mediator AND Founder of the Science of Inner Stregth

Earn the Science of Inner Strength Honor. Begin with the contact form or call this number too 617-916-1858; leave a confidential message to begin. Learn the secrets of turning challenge into opportunity; vital experience for today's challenging world!

The essence of the Calm Interventions approach: Learn how to turn hard times into better times; learn the hidden secret of adversity;  and how you can grow and change yourself into a figurative diamond from coal: Become a true champion!

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Step 2) Work directly with Jon Myers, bringing Jon's inner strength entitled Compassionate Genius to the fore.

Turning Diamonds from Coal:

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Jon's entire thirty nine year professional career in the Greater Boston area, and even a tiny piece in Greater LA, is about service to others. Through unfathomable circumstances, beyond his control beginning in 1996;  beginning with a marital separation, Jon was thrust into the true lion's den of life. It was solely through developing his own inner strength through the past more than twenty one years; that Jon has enormously elevated his game. Jon now offers true compassionate genius to others, aimed towards the Science of Inner Strength twin elements of Prosperity and Purpose.  

​The first step in the process, is to see if you are a great candidate for the 6 hour x $900/hour Magic Assessment. This six hours of work, assessment and training can be a sincerely life-changing experience. In the course of this six hours, you will find your true inner strength and sacred sense of self, representing your authenticity and purpose. For any individual, family, company or governmental entity seeking success in this day and age; it all begins with finding your inner strength and bringing  it forward in appropriate ways. Then earn the amazing seventh hour reward!

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