Jon's professional and educational experience: Thirty-eight years of inspiring, helping and motivating others.

*2016-Present Founded the Science of Inner Strength; after twenty-one years of intensive study and work to help the world.

*2008-Present Took on the title of The World's Best Mediator; based on Jon's unbelievable story and the guidance of mentors.

2003- Present- Incorporated Calm Interventions Inc. with commitment to changing our culture for the better.

1996-2002; Founded and Directed Training Innovations Inc. to serve Cambridge youth; reaching thousands and starting Kids Need A Chance mentoring program

1990-1995-Cambridge City Councillor, mediated major impasses with MIT, city and community, including CASPAR and South of Pacific street zoning founded city's youth employment office;became a nationally recognized model.

1988-1989 Housing Director, Tri-CAP, supervising staff of seventeen, millions of dollars budget and serving thousands of low-moderate income residents of three city area.

1987-Public Relations consultant, ERI; organized legislative and governmental breakfast and more for Federal Jobs program; bringing  PR and improved city and state relationships.

1984-1986, Director of Youth Programs, Cambridge Housing Authority, Developed and served as first director for award winning Work Force program for teens. Doubled size of program in first year and program became nationally recognized.

1980-1983 Head Residential Counselor, Charles River Academy, counseled; developed and expanded residential program for high school students with challenges. Told there was: "none better."

1979-Pacifica House, Greater Los Angeles, CA- summer job, first learned counseling skills for people most at risk in hard core drug rehab program.

MA-Harvard University- 1984, emphasis in African American literature, thesis on Zora Neale Hurston

​BA-Oberlin College 1980, History Major and Captain of Rugby team.

Jon Myers:

Found his calling through adversity, and helps you find your true calling as well.

Jon's sacred journey: From coal (literally)  to diamond

The coal part of Jon's story is true, in that Jon was born in Scranton, PA. Scranton was a vigorous antracite coal town through much of the twentieth century. Ironically that very strength of that industrious area and his very family became a challenge to overcome. The root of Jon's story is taking on the issue of emotional/psychological abuse. This form of abuse, is prevalent in society, and is at the root of the lack of civility present on many levels. True to the Science of inner Strength, it is the level of challenge that we face that provides an equal or greater amount of opportunity. Amazingly Jon's deep-rooted family irrationally AND viciously turned against him, in a divorce situatoin.

​It was that extreme crucible of pressure that formed around Jon's life, that allowed him on a personal basis to transform into a diamond. With the things Jon cared about most, being put in jeopardy, beginning with his own sacred children; Jon discovered his own inner strength. Jon appropriately took on an unfair court system, a somewhat disoriented ex-wife, and most of all the unfathomable abuse of his own family.

​While some will shudder, we live in treacherous times, and we need true champions of valor and purpose. Jon learned these qualities and more on profound levels, and now shares them with the world. We must be a world of authenticity and honesty, and Jon is leading that charge. Stay tuned.

Areas of Service:

Bring out your best:

*Divorce and family mediation

*Individual Heart of A Champion Coaching, including divorce coaching;

*Organizational Growth and development, going from good to great;

*Developing your best, strongest AND most authentic approach to situations and life.

The World's Best


About Jon Myers, The World's Best Mediator, and Founder of the Science of Inner Strength:

At the cores of Jon's life is the sense of how challenge can be opportunity; how even the toughest things can contain the greatest learning experiences. Let's face it we all live in a time, where challenges, even adversity can come knocking on our door step. We cannot be fearful at those moments; or if we are we can learn to face our fears and grow from them. Challenges can take virtually any form.

For Jon, it began with a divorce situation and due to circumstances beyond Jon's control, more than twenty years ago, grew into custody and parenting issues. Having been raised, originally in Scranton, PA, with a deep sense of family; Jon ultimately used the events in his life to grow and change in many ways for the better. For one, Jon made an extraordinary commitment to his own children that provided a kind of guiding light to Jon. In the course of twenty-one years, a couple of things happened.

One is the great amount of change that challenge worked on Jon's life itself. It is virtually indescribable the degree and types of circumstances beyond his control that came at Jon. Challenge can deepen our sense of maturity and calmness, learning the difference between determination and these kinds of things. The challenges facing Jon, in some ways were so monumental that in "equal and opposite" sense; they provided Jon with the opportunity for that much positive growth, from good, to great, to reaching his own personal genius. In addition, given his thirty-seven year career in Boston to helping others, Jon developed a methodology in The Science of Inner Strength to help others find their inner strength, their greatness, their genius even.

Jon considers it to be a sacred calling, to have encountered the magnitude of challenge that he did. Accordingly as well, Jon similarly sees it as his calling to share the fruits of his work with you, and the public in general. The Science of Inner Strength can be applied to individuals looking to reach their dreams, to couples and families experiencing a challenge, to companies and organizations who seek to find their true purpose and grow to the next level.