"Working together we will achieve great things."

Jon Myers, The World's Best Mediator

Insight, determination, gentleness, humor ALL blended together make for the appropriate healing, transformative "indescribable touch."

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The Magic 6 hour x $600/hour Assessment: Change your life for the better.

​The exciting part about the Science of Inner Strength Honor is the work itself. The art of discovering who you really are, and what your true strength is both a challenge and a joy with Jon. After all, ultimately it is all about you. It is hard to fathom that in the course of six hours you can begin to become a much stronger and more focused person. Yet taking advantage of Jon's incredible work in developing the Science of Inner Strength you will begin to make those positive and enduring changes.

What you and Jon will work together to do, during this six hour Assessment is to discover and define that crucial essence of yourself that may be dormant, or not fully developed. It is wonderful to know that there is a part of you that contains greatness, if not true genius. By working with Jon, in the course of this six hour Assessment, you are virtually assured that you will find that inner core of strength.

​Once that inner core of strength is identified; then you can start to develop the vision and determination to utilize that inner strength in new and improved. ways. One of the secrets Jon will begin to share with you, is that by developing a sense of our true strength, our needs and desires for conflict and other less desirable uses of time and energies dissipates, because we are clear about where we want to be going. Also the Magic Assessment once identifying and utilizing that inner strength will give you the resilience to feel like you can overcome virtually any challenge. It is really quite exciting. Get in touch to start your process and have that Science of Inner Strength Honor hanging on your wall. Thanks.