The World's Best

Diamonds from Coal:

How adversity can be your best friend:

Being the world's foremost expert on turning hard times and/or adversity into better times; like diamonds made from coal itself requires an incredible insight into human behavior.

Critical to Jon's work is the understanding of how complex and challenging the process for human change is. To really work with people, provide help or guidance one must have an awareness of the process for change itself; as well as a determined, yet extremely gentle touch to help people discover the diamond within them. So, in addition to the science, the process of human change itself, is extremely personal, if not emotionally intimate. Jon offers some beginning tips for people, like the tip of an iceberg to begin to help people find their inner strength and the diamond within:

Tips from Jon; as a tiny starter, then call Jon for the real work!

1. Do not get angry;

2. Channel your fears, disappointments and sorrows into constructive action;

3. Virtually every challenge has equal and/or greater opportunity;

4. Finding your true self is the route for true success;

5. Do not get angry; there is a better way;

6. Trust your own appropriate standards of what is right and not right;

7. Your voice is important and deserves to be heard;

8. There is an appropriate and assertive way to express things.

9. Do not be afraid to be happy;

10. Learn how to be calm in virtually any situation.