The Science of Inner Strength is about the fact that there is a relatively sacred part about all of us. Hidden, within our soul is a sense of the specialness of us; our own unique gifts and our own unique talents. Historically society has not done a good enough job, in encouraging us to discover that sacred part of us. The science is based on the sense that most of us are good, and that we need some help in:  1) discovering that true goodness within us and; 2) Developing the confidence to follow the path of that goodness.

In particular, in these challenging times,  the Science of Inner Strength emphasizes the twin goals of Prosperity and Purpose. The Science accepts, if not embraces the notion of economic success for all parties. It is just that with the challenging place of our current culture; we must inculcate another ingredient, into our definition of "success." That ingredient is that of positive purpose. Our planet is at too precious a point, not to be focused on the element of positive good, and contributing to our world in positive and constructive ways.

The Science of Inner Strength provides you with the emotional, practical and even spiritual resilience to be a true champion in these most challenging of times. Once you have gained your Science of Inner Strength Honor you will stand tall and strong. Obstacles will just become stepping stones to your success.

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Jon Myers,

Founder of the Science of Inner Strength

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The Science of Inner Strength:

A subtle understanding that helps us all.